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National Head of Sales

Client services, Marketing, Senior Management
Full Time/Permanent
£50-£60k +25% bonus +£5k car allowance
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24-07-2021 11:05 AM

Show me the money” -  Jerry Maguire 

Greed is good “ - Gordon Gekko  

Sell me this pen” – Jordan Belfort 

Look, there’s no point beating around the bush here, you either love sales or this one isn’t for you. 

Of course, we’re not saying you have to shove a tonne of coke up your nose, screw over your best friend or jump up and down like a maniac when you’re on the phone. 

But you do have to be a bit unhinged. 

Sales is tough. 

Sales can be lonely. 

Sales can be brutal. 

It takes a special kind of somebody to hear the word “no” more often than “yes”. 

But that’s the beauty of this opportunity. 

If you have a product you believe in, that helps. 

If you have a team and a service that can’t be beaten, well jeez, that makes things a whole lot better. 

And that my friends is the fun part. 

Getting clients to give you money whilst they’re smiling and thanking you is the single biggest thrill in business.

And that’s where you come in.

This global venue operator runs a diverse inventory, and they need you to help with the UK portfolio.

You’ll be working as a partner to both the General managers who run the venue and the clients you’ll get to put their business there.

This is a role for someone who loves to manage their own time, loves meeting people, loves being part of a driven team, loves the thrill of the chase and of course…

“Money, Money, Money” – Abba

If this feels like something that will get you jumping out of bed in the morning, CLICK APPLY for a confidential chat.

Don’t worry if your CV isn’t up to date, we can deal with that later.

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