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Head of Campaigns
£70,000 to £80,000, £80,000 to £90,000
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Responsible for leading all brand and corporate level campaign activity at Capita and playing a leadership role within the wider team to drive marketing excellence and deliver engaging and effective campaigns on budget, and on time.

  • Delivering brand, partnership and corporate campaigns targeting a cross-industry C-suite and senior audience. Lead the planning, execution and measurement of all brand and corporate marketing raising awareness of Capita and supporting in shifting perception of Capita as a strategic partner and thought leader.
  • Partnering with Head of Brand Strategy to ensure the successful launch of brand advertising and media partnerships, including The Telegraph, identifying opportunities for continual improvement and optimisation.
  • Persona mapping and development of buyer journeys, utilising marketing automation and engagement programmes through Pardot. Marketing lead on buyer journey project engaging divisional teams.
  • Working collaboratively with the Capita Institute to maximise reach of thought leadership content, industry specific insights, market trends and media partnerships by driving multi-channel campaign activity.
  • Development of content assets relevant to every stage of the buyer journey including podcasts, insight articles, video, interactive infographics, website landing pages, online publications through Turtl, reports, diagnostic tools.
  • Management of campaign managers and ongoing leadership support and mentoring to wider team to ensure the development of best-in-class campaign plans in response to briefs, engaging and briefing experts across marketing and communications including events, design, social media, digital and marketing automation.
  • Engagement with events team to ensure successful execution of Capita-owned conferences, webinars and roundtables. Lead on all campaign activity around Capita sponsorship and attendance at large-scale third party events including London Tech Week and Women in Tech.
  • Working collaboratively with internal communications leads to build advocacy and ensure engagement of 55,000 colleagues with brand and corporate level campaigns, partnerships and thought leadership content.
I am an experienced and CIM-qualified head of marketing campaigns with a background in both B2B and B2C marketing across a range of industries. With a responsibility for driving brand and corporate campaigns, I work across multiple teams and engage with channel experts, internal and external partners, suppliers and stakeholders to deliver multi-channel marketing campaigns optimised to achieve great results.

Whilst in my current role I am proud to have delivered the From Incremental to Exponential campaign utilising multiple events including Capita's first LinkedIn Live, serialised insights and the From Incremental to Exponential podcast series with guests including Bear Grylls, Lynda Gratton and Mick Ebeling, supported by extensive targeted advertising and Pardot automation. I have also driven the launch of our partnership with BecomingX and delivered the thought leadership campaign, The Educators, a series of 8 films and podcasts featuring education leaders and influencers.