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Candidate 6083

Event and Marketing Executive
£30,000 to £40,000
Contract, Freelance, Temporary
Agency, Corporate, Festivals
Delivery, Logistics, Operations
Herefordshire, London, Manchester
Responsible for EA, Marketing and organisation of monthly virtual events and yearly developer conference.

Successfully managed 2 virtual developer conferences with over 3,450 participants and 11 speakers: participants from 82 countries, featuring live presentations, coding demonstrations and Q&A.

Successful production and studio set up and onsite support for 2 virtual conferences

Ran promotion and delivery of monthly virtual webinars to EMEA, AMERICAS and APAC regions across click meeting and zoom webinar platforms including YouTube live stream.

Onsite production and speaker management for CG conference in Billingsgate, London 2020

I bring energy, action, and superpowers in organisation to my work - making sure events and projects run smoothly and participants have a great experience.  


During the last 6 years I have delivered events in Europe – learning the art of coordinating people, logistics, venues, and artists. Passionate about live events, I’ve recently shifted my skills into this arena after many years enjoying attending the events as a customer. I am now looking for an exciting role events freelance role.