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Account Manager / Event Manager
£30,000 to £40,000, £40,000 to £50,000
Agency, Conferences, Corporate
Not Stated
Not Stated
  • Managing the project and leading the project team
  • Managing the Corporate Accounts
  • Managing the relations with VIP's
  • Managing the relations with the shareholders like the
  • National Olympic Committee
  • Planning and executing the customer communications
  • Producing Hospitality Programs and travels for Corporate clients
I am a versatile Project Manager and Account Management professional with strong interpersonal skills to manage projects and client relations successfully. I have 15 years of experience
with clients from NGO's and Events and Sports industries.
I am specialised in major international events and the commercial opportunities they offer to brands and companies. I have experience in two Olympic Games as well as managing complex Corporate Hospitality Programs and campaigns within international events.
Currently I work on my own company providing Project Management and Event Production services for agencies.