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Candidate 6022

Global Chief Client Officer
£100,000 +
Full Time/Permanent
Agency, Corporate, Digital
Not Stated
  • Lead and nurture client relationships at the CMO, CDO and COO level. Engagement and communication the across wider Unilever business and relevant stakeholders to ensure alignment on the growth plan
  • Advise on key growth opportunities, particularly around commerce and performance revenue streams
  • Advise and implement data strategy and technology solutions to enable better decisions faster across more Unilever teams which rely on business insight and intelligence
  • Support the WPP/Mindshare team to ensure they delivered best in class solutions to Unilever globally, and demonstrated ability in critical areas such as commerce, performance and innovation
  • Optimised the operating model to strip out unnecessary process, increase automation and create a more cost efficient model for Unilever
Proven at being a consistent and successful change-maker across a number of different company structures, business units and markets with a deep expertise and understanding of data and technology to equip me to confidently lead a team on a growth path. Listed in the BIMA top100 leaders of 2019.
Reflecting my ambitious nature I am also a competitive Equestrian athlete and enjoy adapting the techniques around goal setting, focus and a growth mindset of a professional sport for modern leadership.