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Candidate 5990

Referencing Coordinator
£20000 to £30000
Full Time/Permanent
Agency, Creative Events, Experiential
Not Stated
Not Stated
Admin based role in which I carry out full referencing checks on tenants wishing to start tenancies and checking that they are financially appropriate. In this role I act as point of contact to the applicant which has increased my customer service skills.
Having completed five years of higher education, including working a year in industry, I have learnt to discipline myself and apply myself to high pressure situations such as multiple deadlines. I have both a professional and personal interest in social media and influencer marketing, in which I researched and wrote part of my dissertation about influencer marketing and how it has restructured traditional marketing. I have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and am confident in writing emails. My hobbies include competitive cheerleading, reading crime and psychological thriller novels, skiing, and researching fashion trends on social media. Having completed my education, I decided to take a couple months out to travel to South East Asia to be able to see more of the world before beginning my career. I recently started a YouTube channel where I create fashion and beauty styled videos. Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine and I love creating content and engaging with other people, sharing my ideas online. I am also confident using Photoshop, as I use to it to create graphics for my channel. Although this is just a hobby, I allocate a lot of my time generating ideas, filming, editing and scheduling uploads.